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The 32nd episode focuses on how companies can outperform their competitors by credibly promoting diversity and inclusion. The guest is Jessica Guerrero, Global Head of Cloud GTM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Google in New York.

Jessica and her team at Google develop, implement and harmonise Google’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. They believe that diversity and inclusion are not only based on equity and humanity, but also on business imperatives: Diverse companies outperform their competitors in areas such as innovation and profitability.

Uli, Markus and Jessica discuss how companies should approach this topic: Like any other business challenge – with clear goals, dedicated teams, comprehensible plans and monitored KPIs. Together, they advocate starting with leadership first and foremost: The accountability and exemplary behaviour of frontline leaders and managers are critical to success.


Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords, they are key factors that can drive a company’s financial performance and overall success. In the latest episode of the Digital Pacemaker podcast, Jessica Guerro, Global Head of Cloud GTM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Google, shares her expertise on how companies can achieve authentic diversity and inclusion. The conversation highlights the importance of diverse teams in decision-making, problem-solving, and innovation, and provides insights into how companies can embed diversity and inclusion into their operations. Jessica emphasizes the need for real goals, resources, and accountability, and stresses the importance of leadership, emotional intelligence, and upskilling to create a more inclusive workplace. The episode also features discussions on emerging trends, such as work-life balance and wellbeing, and the need to co-create and iterate with diverse teams. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into how companies can leverage diversity and inclusion to achieve better financial performance and create a more inclusive and innovative workplace. Don’t miss this episode and join the discussion on the Digital Pacemaker podcast.

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  • Upskilling and development trainings: 00:34:58


The importance of diversity for financial performance [00:00:28] The speakers discuss the correlation between diversity and financial performance, citing studies that show companies with diverse leadership outperform their competitors in terms of profitability and innovation.

Implications for companies and how teams should be assembled [00:08:28] The discussion turns to the implications of diversity for companies, including how teams should be assembled in the future. The speakers emphasize the need for objective and inclusive hiring processes that prioritize skillset and proven successes over networks and personal connections.

The connection between diversity and innovation [00:07:24] The speakers explore the connection between diversity and innovation, citing research that shows diverse teams produce better outcomes and more creative solutions than homogenous teams. They discuss the importance of diversity for long-term forecasting and decision-making in organizations.

The Future of Work [00:12:43] The impact of technology on the future of work and the importance of building diverse teams to prepare for a diverse talent market.

Benefits of Diverse Teams [00:14:26] The benefits of diverse teams in generating new innovations, accelerating development, and changing leadership styles.

DEI as a Business Challenge [00:16:21] The importance of viewing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a business challenge and the potential impact on financial outcomes, product quality, and innovation.

Google’s commitment to accessibility [00:24:17] Google Maps and Pixel phone are examples of how Google incorporates accessibility features and highlights melanated skin tones.

The importance of diversity and inclusion in organizational effectiveness [00:28:30] Diverse teams spend more time in the storming phase, but eventually lead to greater results. Leaders must understand this process and hold themselves accountable for driving a healthy organization.

Upskilling leaders to understand the business value of DEI [00:33:55] Leaders must participate in development trainings and coaching sessions to understand the connection points between DEI research and their actual jobs. Companies must upskill leaders to understand the implications of the future.

The Emotional Element [00:41:02] Jessica highlights the importance of the emotional element in DEI work and how it connects to the human element.

Future of Work [00:43:11] Jessica discusses the emerging trend of prioritizing work-life balance, flexibility, and wellbeing in the workplace, and how companies need to reimagine how they hold their teams accountable.

Key Takeaways [00:46:20] Uli’s key takeaways from the conversation include the importance of leadership, agile mindsets, and team composition for achieving diversity and performance.

Thanking Vodafone and discussing diversity [00:46:58] Jessica Guerro thanks Vodafone for being a thought leader in diversity and inclusion and discusses the importance of diverse teams.

Personal purpose and motivation [00:48:57] Jessica Guerro shares her personal purpose and motivation, which is to create a better lived experience for her children and ensure they have every opportunity open to them.

Closing remarks and podcast information [00:51:05] The hosts thank Jessica Guerro for her insights and discuss the podcast’s topics. They provide information on where to find the podcast and how to engage in discussion.


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Hosts: Ulrich Irnich & Markus Kuckertz // Production: Daniel Sprügel, Maniac Studios (https://maniacstudios.com/) // Editorial: Marcus Pawlik © Digital Pacemaker Podcast 2023

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