#40 Why is employee entrepreneurship important for large companies? with Ahi Gvirtsman 🇮🇱


with Ulrich Irnich & Markus Kuckertz

Episode 40 looks at employee entrepreneurship and why it is important to recognise that the idea is not at the centre of innovation. Our guest is Ahi Gvirtsman, co-founder and chief knowledge officer at Spyre Group, an international innovation and ecosystem design consulting firm.

Ahi’s expertise is in empowering management teams with the insights and tools they need for innovation success and cross-functional collaboration. Having worked with Ahi and his team, Uli and Markus can draw on their own experience.

Uli, Markus and Ahi discuss innovation as a strategic management process rather than an ideational event. Ahi emphasises that a tailor-made infrastructure and an entrepreneurial process are the basis for marketable innovations. The lively discussion highlights the importance of managers thinking like investors and employees acting like entrepreneurs.

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